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Ultra Violets

“Queer’ not as being about who you’re having sex with (that can be a dimension of it); but ‘queer’ as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it, and that has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.”  – bell hooks​


To become is cause for celebration. There is a deep pleasure to becoming, and there is an eroticism to speculation. To becoming a version of yourself that feels closer to an intrinsic truth, one you may or may not already know. With that comes dancing, and decay, and rebirth, and the necessity to become nonetheless despite these things. It offers a revolution and reclamation of the self that can only take place in the in-between; the moments of darkness before the sun rises, the unlit spaces between mirrorball tiles reflecting on the dancefloor, the moments with your eyes closed and your feet off the ground. This is an invitation to celebrate what we’ve shaped into. Derived from a personal study of how queer becoming and feminine subjectivity intersect with plant life, Ultra Violets traverses the nuances of joy, grief, and celebration in our own process of becoming oneself. Taking place within a world that is part greenhouse, part underground dance club, it is a physical exploration of what it means to queer space and perspective through the use of disco aesthetics, queer ecology, and integrated design. In witnessing this process, it imposes one question: do you want to dance?

Created out of Alexandra's MFA research at Simon Fraser University, ULTRA VIOLETS premiered in September 2023 in Studio D theatre.

For touring or full archival inquires, email Alexandra through the "contact" tab. 


Production Credits

Directed & Created by: Alexandra Caprara
Choreography & Performance by: Alexandra Caprara, Sydney Bluck, Anna Wang-Albini, Desiree Keresztes James, Charlotte Samuel, Aisha Wewala

Additional Ensemble Performance by: Samantha Buss, Kira Radosevic, Samantha Walters, Cassandra Williams, Lauren Han, Sara Van Gaalen, Chantal Gering, Kelsi James, Sarah Finn, Natalia Martineau

Production Team

Lighting, Video, & Set Design: Alexandra Caprara
Sound Design & Composition: Charlie Cooper
Costume Creation by: Anna Wang-Albini
Stage Management: Claire Brown
Assistant Stage Management: Bernice Paet

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