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Alexandra Caprara is a queer interdisciplinary artist and writer from Toronto, Ontario who has worked internationally as a director, designer, performer, and writer. She creates work using a design lead methodology, with a focus on femininity, autonomy, somatics, and queerness- in particular, creating works that celebrate queer joy, that push the boundaries of design within perfomance, and lately, that involve disco balls. Within her practice as a lighting and video designer, her work focuses on interactivity between design technology and performers, utilizing design as an extension of the body and architectural space. With movement and physical theatre training in Viewpoints, Riverwork, and Lecoq, her work is highly physical and will often be devised through movement-based creation. 


Alexandra has worked across Canada alongside companies such as Electric Company Theatre, Canadian Stage, WorkMan Arts, and Good Woman Dance. She is also an associate artist with The Library Performance Collective. Select credits include lighting design for "New Age Attitudes" (Theatre Replacement), the co-creation of "EVREN" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), writing and perfomance in "A Hunger Artist" (Prague Quadrennial), director and writer of "You've Got To Be Kidney Me" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and the creation and curation of "ThreadBare," (2020 Rendezvous with Madness Festival). She holds a BFA from York University where she trained in devised theatre, direction, and design.  Alexandra currently resides in Vancouver where she has recently completed her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Simon Fraser University. For her full C.V, send her an email through the "contact" tab.

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